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Glenstrae Vulcan Cladding Sioox Abodo Wood 1

Top Four Considerations When Detailing Timber Cladding

Protecting external timber boards from the elements comes down to careful detailing and appropriate finishes.

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The Baldy Carpenter Vulcan Timber Joinery Abodo

Vulcan Timber Joinery Case Study / The Baldy Carpenter

How does Abodo's Vulcan timber perform in a joinery application? The Baldy Carpenter explains.

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Dunlop Builders Hub Vulcan Timber Joinery

How Dunlop Builders Created a Massive Timber Curtain Wall in a Harsh and Unforgiving Environment for Wood

Dunlop Builders’ new Wanaka hub features a massive timber curtain wall made from Abodo’s highly stable Vulcan timber.

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Vulcan Nexus Cladding in Protector Teak Abodo Wood

Crafting the Finger Jointed System: Vulcan Nexus

Vulcan Nexus is created using thermally modified cuttings grade timber, finger jointed for strength and length.

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Sustainability Matters at Abodo Wood

Sustainability Matters at Abodo

At the core of what we do, Abodo is taking action to create a better tomorrow.

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Lakeside Retreat Vulcan Cladding Abodo Wood 5

Timber Soffits

Timber-lined soffits are a low maintenance and often more cost effective solution when adding warmth to your project.

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Alpine Cube Tundra Cladding by Abodo Wood 4

How to Avoid Conflict Timbers With Sustainable, Ethical Alternatives

When compared to Siberian Larch, Abodo eco timbers prove a better choice for lessening environmental and human impact.

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Message from the Abodo Team

We Know We Let You Down, Here’s How We’re Fixing It

It's no secret that Abodo has been struggling to meet delivery dates over the past year, we have delayed a number of projects and we can’t thank you enough for your patience.

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Te Ara a Tāwhaki Vulcan Screening in Sioo:x Abodo Wood

Modern Māori Architecture

The use of timber in Māori architecture has a long history of tradition, which is continued in the modern day.

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Could Co housing Be a Solution to the Housing Crisis Abodo Wood

Could Co-Housing Be a Solution to Financial and Mental Wellbeing?

Co-housing is becoming increasingly popular, as New Zealand reckons with skyrocketing house prices, rising living costs and mental wellbeing pressures.

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Karangahake House Tundra Cladding in Sioox Abodo Wood 2

How Managed Plantations and Native Forests Can Coexist

Monoculture plantation forests fulfill an important role in supplying sustainable products for our timber-hungry market.

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Revisiting Karangahake House Abodo Wood 4

Project Revisit: Karangahake House

Built in 2019, the silvered patina at Karangahake House is proof of the effectiveness of Abodo’s Sioo:x coating on Tundra Cladding.

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