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A Difficult Decision: Temporarily Pausing Orders for Some Vulcan Products

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Important update on new orders for some of our Vulcan products.

With the challenges of recent months in mind, including Covid-related staff shortages and a major fire at one of our suppliers – and also of recent years, with extended lockdowns and rapid increases in demand – we have had to make a difficult decision.

We appreciate and understand that your businesses and customers have also been facing incredibly challenging times, and despite our best efforts, lead times continue to grow. As a result, we will be temporarily pausing new orders for some of our Vulcan products.

A Temporary Pause on New Orders for Some Vulcan Products

To service existing orders and improve our delivery service on future orders, we are temporarily pausing new orders for selected items in our Vulcan range for the next three months.

If you are planning to use the following Vulcan products for a project in 2023 you will be able to place that order from July 2022.

For projects due for the remainder of 2022, please consider an alternative product such as Tundra Cladding, Vulcan Finger-Jointed Cladding or Vulcan Charred Cladding.

That means that from Friday 01 April to Thursday 30 June 2022 we will not be taking any new orders for the following products:

  • Vulcan Cladding (excluding Vulcan Primed and Vulcan Charred)
  • Vulcan Screening
  • Vulcan Panelling

Please note: We will continue to take top up orders only for the above products during this time. Top up orders are orders required to complete an existing project with a previous order number only, and have an average lead time of six weeks.

We expect to re-open orders for these products from 01 July (or earlier if we can), at which time the delivery date for orders will be approximately February 2023. We’ll be in touch prior to 01 July to confirm expected lead times.

Please also note: for orders outside New Zealand, please contact your local distributor for lead times.

Vulcan Charred Cladding by Abodo Wood 1

Orders Are Still Open For Remaining Products

We will continue taking orders for the following products as normal, however there may be longer than usual lead times as we work through the impact of the challenges mentioned above:

  • Tundra Cladding
  • Vulcan Primed Cladding
  • Vulcan Finger-Jointed Cladding
  • Vulcan Charred Cladding
  • Vulcan Decking
  • Sand Decking
  • Accessories (Coatings and Fixings)
  • Top up orders

We also have some short-term availability of these products, please enquire directly re: availability:

  • Vulcan Cladding shorts
  • Vulcan Screening in selected sizes

Please get in touch with Abodo with any questions or queries.