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Sand Decking

Abodo Sand is our premium eco-timber decking product, featuring vertical grain for natural stability and long term appearance.

Sand Decking is a genuine eco alternative to hardwood decking with a silky smooth finish. A smooth face highlights the distinctive grain, and is easy to clean.

Choose to pre-finish with Abodo Protector coating to optimise beauty and long term performance.

Durable, straight grained.

Howick Pool Deck Sand Decking Abodo Wood 2

Profile + Size

Abodo Timber Profile DK14 S 90x21

DK14S 90x21

DK14S 90x21
Abodo Timber Profile DK14 S 90x21

Timber Details

Natural Stability
Sand Decking is manufactured with a vertical grain orientation, which means the timber has great stability, even in harsh conditions.

Easy Fix
Unlike those nasty hardwoods, in most situations Abodo products do not require pre-drilling. That means you can install faster.

Built to Last Warranty
Sand Decking is covered by a 30 year Built to Last Warranty.

Climate Credentials

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certified
A guarantee that forest products come from responsibly managed sources, including forest management and chain of custody.

Red List Free
Free from Red List chemicals as required by the Living Building Challenge.


Where can I buy Sand Decking?

Please contact your local timber merchant, such as Bunnings, Carters, ITM, Mitre10 or PlaceMakers.

How much does Sand Decking cost?

Please get in touch with our Sales Support Team on +64 (09) 249 0100 for indicative timber pricing.

How do I install and fix Abodo decking timber?

Abodo kiln dried decking timber requires allowance for expansion when it gets wet, therefore a larger than normal gap needs to be left between boards- minimum 6mm in most cases.

We recommend fixing the boards with two stainless steel screws per joist in all cases such as the Abodo Decking Screw. Abodo decking is nice and easy to fix into – pre drilling is not required in most cases.

Joist centres should be at maximum 450mm in most cases. We recommended coating the wood all sides with oil and - regularly as required thereafter. Refer to product technical data sheet on the resources page for more specific info.

Is there a maintenance requirement for Abodo decking timber?

At a minimum, Abodo Wood products should be cleaned at least every 12 months with soapy water, a brush and water.

These are natural wood products, so some surface discoloration or mould and mildew may occur due to environmental conditions and exposure.

Heavier discoloration or mould growth can be removed with Rejuvenator or other similar oxygenating cleaner.

If coated, then the coating should be re-applied once it begins to fade or stop water beading, depending on the aspect to the weather re-coat cycle may be 12-18 months.

How often do I have to recoat my Abodo pre-finished decking timber?

After a exposure to the weather and foot traffic, the coating will start to fade and tracking marks may start to appear in heavy traffic areas, The coating should be re-applied once it begins to show signs of wear or water stops beading from the surface.

Depending on the aspect to the weather re-coat cycle may be 12-18 months. Love your deck and it’ll love you right back.

What is the slip resistance of Abodo decking timber?

This depends on if you install the profiled face up or smooth face up.

The profiled face will provide greater slip resistance perpendicular to the deck board edges, however will not be any different in the parallel direction. The smooth face with not provide a great deal of slip resistance, though it will be easier to clean in service, therefore it will be easier to prevent build-up of slippery dirt and mould.

Bear in mind that decking is graded to one face e.g. Abodo Sand is suitable for a smooth face install and Abodo Vulcan is reeded face up installation.

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