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Vulcan Charred Cladding

Vulcan Charred is a unique, heavily textured cladding, inspired by the Japanese technique of yakisugi or shou sugi ban.

A long lasting char layer is created on the surface Vulcan Cladding, resulting in a deep “alligator skin” effect that provides a sacrificial layer for weathering.

Vulcan Charred is factory sealed after charring with Abodo’s Char Oil, a high solids natural oil design to strengthen the char layer.

Available in shiplap and rainscreen profiles.

Modern, textured.

Carbon stored in Vulcan Cladding

Thermally modified timber

Vulcan timbers are treated with heat and steam rather than chemicals, which means the product is ‘pre-shrunk’ and will be more stable in service.

Natural Stability
Grown trees experience resistance (like wind for example) perpendicular to the grain, so it makes sense to produce wood products which are also cut perpendicular to the grain. Abodo Vulcan Cladding is vertical grain, which means weatherboards have greater stability and less surface cracking.

Natural Durability
This product is naturally durable, and contains no wood preservatives. Just as nature intended.

Climate credentials

Carbon Negative
Vulcan Cladding is a carbon negative building material. Each square metre of 20mm thick Vulcan Cladding stores 9.74 kg of carbon.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certified
A guarantee that forest products come from responsibly managed sources, including forest management and chain of custody.

Declare Certified
Declare certified Red List Free by the Living Futures Institute, the leading label in transparency for building products.

Timber details

CodeMark Certified
Certified for guaranteed acceptance with New Zealand Building Authorities and conformance with the New Zealand Building Code.

Built to Last Warranty
Vulcan Cladding is covered by a 15 year Built to Last Warranty.

Vertical or Horizontal Cladding
Vulcan Cladding can be used in vertical or horizontal applications. WB10 profile is a secret fix profile that can be used to create a vertical shiplap look.


Where can I buy Vulcan Charred Cladding?

Please contact your local timber merchant, such as Bunnings, Carters, ITM, Mitre10 or PlaceMakers.

How much does Vulcan Charred Cladding cost?

Please get in touch with our Sales Support Team on +64 (09) 249 0100 for indicative timber pricing.

Are there accessories available for the timber cladding?

Yes. For most profiles, we offer various corner, flashing, fascia and finishing profiles to match the cladding boards. Using these accessories will ensure optimal performance of the cladding system in service.

How do I install and fix Abodo timber cladding?

Cladding is bit more technical than decking, so always consult with a professional before starting your project. A Licenced Building Practitioner is required for install.

Abodo cladding may be face fixed or secret fixed depending on the profile shape. Stainless steel ring shank nails or self-drilling stainless steel countersunk screws should be used in all cases. Generally we recommend to fix boards onto a drained cavity system to allow good airflow and optimum weather protection.

All profiles requires a minimum 2mm expansion gap to be left between boards, you need to ensure all cut ends must are resealed with penetrating oil or sealer. Boards should be coated all sides and re-coated regularly as required thereafter.

Refer to the Resources page for more details including installation manual and drawings.

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