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The Ballance Street Studio - Gisborne, New Zealand

Project details

Kingsbeer Architecture
Vulcan Cladding
The Ballance Street Studio Vulcan Screening Abodo Wood
Designed by Shane Kingsbeer of <a href="">Kingsbeer Architecture</a> as a simple cube, however the construction is anything but simple.

Viewed from the road, the box-shaped workroom seems to float above the ground.

This in part due to the clean design and choice of materials, but also in the clever planning. Signage, a letterbox and fencing are all absent from the street frontage - and leave the studio’s clean unbroken lines to speak for themselves.

The Ballance Street Studio Vulcan Screening Abodo Wood 1

To the left of the studio is a long narrow trench, the fishpond - which passers by are welcome to stop and enjoy. Shane has incorporated a paving stone from the road to achieve just that.

Optimising the comparatively small space was also key in the design process.

The Ballance Street Studio Vulcan Screening Abodo Wood 2


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Vulcan Cladding Brushed Nero Rivercove Home Vulcan Cladding Screening by Abodo 1

Vulcan Cladding

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