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The Banks House, Raglan - Waikato, New Zealand

Perched on Raglan’s hills, the Banks House is an exposed set of homes on New Zealand’s rugged west coast. The owners had a desire for a natural wood cladding with the ability to withstand harsh UV levels and dark colour coatings.

Project details

Jennian Homes
Vulcan Cladding (AW62 Profile 180x20) in Protector - Walnut
Waikato, New Zealand

So Abodo worked with builder Jennian Homes to deliver Vulcan Cladding in Bevelback profile, pre-finished in dark Walnut shade.

Dark colours can be done

Abodo cladding is one of the only timbers suitable for dark colours.

This is due to how the timber is treated – it’s thermally modified which means it holds dark colours better, for longer.

Why pre-finish with Protector?

Protector provides your wood with the nourishment it needs to fight daily battles against water and ultra violet rays, preventing blistering and cracking - perfect for projects where beauty and durability are required.

Made from oils that are also 100% natural and renewable, Abodo’s Protector is great for the eco-conscious among us too!


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Abodos Vulcan Timber Cladding thermally modified NZ pine
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Protector Coating Abodo Wood
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