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Whitby Family Home - Wellington, New Zealand

This new family home, perched in the hills of Whitby in Wellington, nestles perfectly into its surrounding environment.

Project details

Vulcan Cladding (WB10 Profile 180x20) in Protector - Ebony
Completion date
Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, known for its aggressive climatic conditions and extreme winds is a challenging environment for any cladding material, not to mention one that is dark coloured.

Cloaked in Vulcan Cladding with Protector - Ebony, this home features WB10 profile oriented both vertical and horizontal.

Dark colours are challenging for timber weatherboards, and Vulcan Cladding is one of the few timber weatherboards with the natural stability to cope with the heat generated from dark colours.

Whitby Family Home Vulcan Cladding Abodo Wood 4


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Abodos Vulcan Timber Cladding thermally modified NZ pine
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