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Multi Depth Timber Cladding with Abodo Vulcan

Minyama Luxury Home Vulcan Cladding and Vulcan Screening Abodo Wood 6
With unparalleled stability, our Vulcan timber cladding allows designers an almost infinite range of design possibilities.

For decades we’ve been using Australian hardwoods for timber cladding, which while beautiful, does present challenges including high movement resulting in limitations on its usage. For instance, a designer could never safely use a timber cladding board wider than 140mm for fear of severe warping and cupping.

Our WB12 profile is available in six sizes (including a 180mm wide board and a 90x60mm deep profile), we’ve put together some of our favourite projects here in Australia and from around the world where our WB12 profile has been utilised.

What is Vulcan Timber?

Vulcan timber cladding is a tongue and groove cladding created from thermally modified New Zealand plantation pine and then engineered, resulting in extraordinary stability, no resin leaching, and is naturally durable. A fine sawn face allows a depth of grain, and optimal coating performance.

Benefits of the WB12 Profile

  • Six sizes which can be sequenced in any combination
  • Concealed fixings
  • Wide boards, long lengths and straightness
  • Up to 30% faster install than hardwood cladding
  • Standard lengths up to five metres
  • WB12 in Vulcan timber is plantation FSC® certified
Aitken House Vulcan Cladding Abodo Wood 3
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Minyama Luxury Home Vulcan Cladding and Vulcan Screening Abodo Wood 10
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Omaha House Vulcan Cladding in Sioox Abodo Wood 7
<a href="/stories/projects/omaha-house-rodney-new-zealand">Omaha House</a>
Multi Depth Timber Cladding with Abodo Vulcan Abodo Wood
Kreis Grennan Studio
Bokarina Beach Vulcan Cladding Abodo Wood
<a href="/stories/projects/bokarina-beach-sunshine-coast-australia">Bokarina Beach</a>
Oceanside Vulcan Cladding Abodo Wood jph
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