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Project Revisit: Waimarama Surf Club

After five years, our Vulcan timber battens facing North-West have been performing exactly as expected.

Featuring our thermally modified Vulcan timber battens to soften the harshness of steel and concrete, the clients were also looking for a low maintenance timber solution.

For the coating, they chose our Sioo:x reactive wood protection. This new-age product is unique in that it reacts with the fibres of the timber under the surface to create a protective barrier.

Simply put, the product’s silicon crystals penetrate and strengthen wood, while forming a physical barrier. More on the low maintenance Sioo:x reactive coating here.

Project Revisit Waimarama Surf Club Abodo Wood 2
When newly completed.

See the project newly completed here.

Five years on. The natural tendency of thermally modified wood to silver off when exposed to UV - works synergistically with Sioo:x.

Vulcan timber’s incredible stability means these battens are still straight and true.